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wikipedia for google glass

is a proof of concept where you can read on your glasses articles of wikipedia located near of your position simply moving the head and clicking over.


Video of how the wikipedia app works


The app is an immersive application developed with the GDK (Glass development Kit) where simply tapping on the card the virtual environment g3m is launched. In that moment the glass screen show your location’s map (using gps), and you have the camera at eye’s level.
When you move your head, the accelerometer and the compass move the screen to fit your sight.
The result is an amazing immersive experience.Using the gps, the app retrieves online data about your surroundingsIn this proof of concept we are using the wikipedia-service from Geonames. This service feeds your glasses with the georeferenced articles and its URL. Once you are over the icon you can hit the capture tap and launch the Wikipedia article in a web view that can be read comfortably on you glasses.As you move, the app is retrieving nearby articles in real time, the articles will show up as you get closer to their position

by Manuel de la Calle Alonso

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@WikimediaMobile I want to make a Google Glass app for Wikipedia! Info about local articles; see nearby articles w/ no pics & take them

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