Google Glass Smiley Emoticon

¡-) <- best version (switch to spanish keyboard to access the upside down

!-) <- for the lazy people

‘:-) <- one alternative

(-:’ <- the other alternative (in reverse)


by Aaron Weintraub

Deeply casual since 1979Han Shan, that great and crazy, wonder-filled Chinese poet of a thousand years ago, said: We’re just like bugs in a bowl. All day going around never leaving their bowl. I say, That’s right! Every day climbing up the steep sides, sliding back. Over and over again. Around and around.


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Dat Ass Google Glass APP

Dat Ass Google Glass APP

Imagine a creepy Google Glass APP that scans things in your vision on the go and recognizes people, saving pictures of people backs to your personal creepy database :-]
I believe somebody will build this APP! What can be done about it? Do we have to live with those kind of APPuse or is there anything beyond etiquette that can be done?

#IfIHadGlass +Project Glass +Steve Lee +Matt Cutts +Sergey Brin I would think about privacy issues and how to cope with them; find solutions for users and society. #ifihadglass

other solutions

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