Trulia Google Glass App



With Trulia for Google Glass, you can

  1. Get notifications when you’re near a home that meets your predetermined search criteria, such as neighborhood, number of bedrooms, and price range
  2. View property listings easily and scroll through pictures with the flick of your finger
  3. Have the property description read to you if you decide you want to learn more
  4. Save properties to My Trulia so you can follow them anywhere on Trulia, whether on the Web or any of the mobile apps
  5. Get directions to a home if you want to see the property yourself
  6. Call or email the real estate agent directly from Glass

The Trulia team is continuing to tweak and improve Trulia for Glass, and we hope that sometime soon it will be available for Google Glass wearers to download. Watch for future updates, and feel free to ask for a demo if you see me wearing it around town.

source and images by trulia blog