ThroughTheWalls Google Glass APP – first award winning augmented reality Google Glass APP

ThrougTheWalls Google Glass APP

ThroughTheWalls is a native Google Glass APP by Lance Nanek. He won the Ericsson and Veracode prizes at the AT&T public safety hackathon this weekend in Palo Alto.


Look there is a shelter behind the wall 3 miles down the road

Google Glass APP ThroughTheWalls facing a shelter
To be able to show you this kind of information, this Google Glass App ThroughTheWalls tracks your location and the direction your Google Glass and head are facing – then populates the wearable heads up display with easy to follow instructions and vital data calculated from that. So if you are looking for shelter during an emergency like a flood or forest fire, the screen looks like this.


California Highway Patrol incidents, large cities and monuments, and CCTV cameras.

Google Glass CCTV
Tapping while viewing a CCTV camera will actually show the image taken from that camera immediately. Stuck not moving in traffic? A few quick taps let you look 2 miles down the road and see what is happening


The source and APK are available on GitHub. via Lance Nanek