SkyMap on Google Glass – where was that nebula again

skymap google glass app

Skymap APP for Google Glass

Jeff Thomas did a quick hack and installed the android app SkyMap on his google glass – and it is working.

Jeff Thomas:

Well I have seen a lot of people talking about the possibility of Google bringing #skymap to Glass. Well just for kicks I installed the apk and launched it with positive results. The sensors are so amazingly accurate. I took it outside and looked at the moon, almost instantly I saw the moon positioned perfectly with the glass. Here is a screencast. The screen lag is from the screencast, not the app itself. The app runs as smooth as butter

Google Sky Map Running on Glass (MyGlass Screencast)

It is a quick hack and not yet perfect. I would consider it in alpha stadium

What you can not do with this first version:
1.) There is no way to accept the terms so you have to swipe down to escape them every time you launch the app.
2.) You can get to the search by swiping forward, however there is no way to actually enter the query.
3.) There is no way to adjust any of the layers or options either.


This is what one can do on a cellphone with skymap

Transcript of the SkyMap video

Hi. My name is Kevin Serafini.
I’m a software developer on the Sky Map team. Sky Map is an offical Google app desigend
to make it easy for users to learn about the night sky with their Android phones.
To get Sky Map, go to the Android Market, search for Sky Map, and download the app.
Once it’s installed in your device, just click Sky Map to get started.
Now, suppose you’re looking at the sky one night, and you think, “I wonder what’s that
bright star on the horizon?” Sky Map allows you to point your phone at
the sky and find out. The app uses G.P.S. and compass data, as well
as the date and time, to show you a labeled map of the area you’re observing.
If you want to learn about a different part of the sky, just move your phone there, or
switch to manual mode and explore the sky on your own.
Hey, there’s the Big Dipper! You may also want to find the location of
a specific star or planet at a given moment. To find the current location of Mars, for
example, click “search,” and type “Mars.” Sky Map will direct you towards Mars– and
there it is. We hope Sky Map makes it easier to learn about
the night sky. Give it a try, and let us know what you think.

source: Jeff Thomas
android app: on google play