Google Glass hardware malfunction – support challenges

google glass cracked


Google Glass malfunctions

Google started giving out Glass for IO 2012 attendees who pre-ordered their Glass early. It seems that only several hundreds units are out in the wild and we already have public reports of at least two cases of hardware malfunction.


There’s a crack in the camera lens of my glass unit… not sure how it happened. :(There’s a crack in the camera lens of my glass unit… not sure how it happened. :(


aaaaaaaand it’s gone. The display on my Glass stopped working after just 3 days. Why do I always have…aaaaaaaand it’s gone. The display on my Glass stopped working after just 3 days. Why do I always have to be this lucky :/ I hope I can get my unit replaced during I/O when I’m in Mountain View / SF…


Google Glass customer service

What does it mean for Google Glass?
As Robert Scoble mentioned, Google Glass is designed to be cheap.

Robert Scoble – Google+ – My two-week review of Google Glass: it all depends on the…… So, let’s cover the price, first of all. I bet that +Larry Page is considering two price points: something around $500, which would be very profitable. Or $200, which is about what the bill of materials costs. When you tear apart the glasses, like someone else did (I posted that to my Flipboard “Glasshole” magazine) you see a bunch of parts that aren’t expensive. This has been designed for mass production. In other words, millions of units. The only way Google will get there is to price them under $300. …


Cheap Google Glass?

Cheap means less quality hardware and less quality control and assurance what leads to a greater chance of malfunction.
What will Google do to handle the errors? How will Google handle the numerous requests and support tickets? Google is not know for great customer support. Even companies that spend hundreds of thousands Dollar per year have trouble to get in touch with anyone but account managers and sales personal at google. Will the non-geeky customer have to click through automated FAQ sites to get to an answer that he might not understand? Will the 3rd party youtube tutorials on how to fix your glass be our only help?
We hope that google will find premium support partners like Amazon for Google Glass to handle distribution and customers support and maybe Google will try to build it’s own support infrastructure if they really are into building a company based rather on ecommerce than advertising.


A good sign

A good sign is that google employees react fast when they see malfunction posts in the Glass Explorer community on Google Plus. Let’s hope they will have the manpower to do a good service when there are 1 billion units in the wild.


Angela ChienYou can reach out either via our contact center 1-800-GLASSXE
or contact form (which will get to us by email): …
Both forms of contact can be found from our Help Center: …


Contact Google Glass support

1) contact center phone: 1-800-GLASSXE
2) email via this form: Glass Exploreres contact form
3) more information at Google Glass support page

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