Reddit Timeline Google Glass APP

Here is an app for reddit users who don’t want to miss all the important and fun stories and pictures being constantly posted to


What you might need it for in the words of the author

malcolm nguyenSo I go to work today, and think to myself, today I’m going to be productive employee, attend a few meetings, make that deadline, commit some code, but NOPE, gotta click all those Reddit links. Then there’s Glass, with no compelling reason to use while at the office or work, it sits tucked away inside the desk drawer.
That’s all about to change, because now you can get pictures of cats and memes and _gonewild beamed directly to your face without anyone suspecting a thing.


Features of the Reddit Timeline Glass APP

• Top 25 post from your FrontPage within a bundle updated every hour.
• Upvote
• Downvote
• Share to Reddit
• Comment Threading
• Read aloud comments
• Reply to comment


Glass APP Installation


The reddit app obviously wants to manage and update your google glass timeline
install reddit

allow access and you are ready to readdit on your glass
reddit installed


So What is a good name for the app

Certainly simply calling it Reddit Timeline Glass APP is ok but I would rather prefer something like
- “eye reddit GLASS APP”
- “eye reddit it one eyed on google glass” is certainly a little too long

APP and timeline images by malcolm nguyen