Path Glass APP – Dave Morin: “this is really transformational”

Dave Morin co-founder and CEO of Path

We’ve integrated Path full-stack. Messaging, photos, moments, everything is integrated. You can respond with your voice, it’s completely faded into the background of your life and adding a lot of value and you can scroll through the entire Path timeline using the Glass interface. Of course, capturing and posting photos is a lot easier. It’s really fascinating, just from my own personal use, it increases the amount I post to Path and those moments are even more personal. I’m excited for where they take it. It’s one of the things you put on and think, okay, this is really transformational. It took us just a few weeks to port it, that’s a good signal to developers. It’s reasonably straightforward, and because it’s easy to integrate with you can be more creative.

source: WSJ


path google plus app
Path Glassware for for Google Glass

What is path?

So what can you do with path?

Private Messaging, Sharing moments with close friends and family and all-in-one posting to other social networks like facebook, twitter, foursquare and tumblr.
You can import your photos, statuses, and check-ins from Instagram, Facebook, and Foursquare and keep all of your memories in one beautiful place on path.

Where is the path google glass app?

install path for google glass :
You will need a path account or to register first to get access to the glassware installation page.