GlassCompute Google Glass App

GlassCompute is WolframAlpha for Google Glass   Doing some math and quickly need an answer? Well, here is your answer! GlassCompute is a basic voice-guided WolframAlpha glassware for Google Glass. source:

Where Did I Put google glass app

This google glass app helps you to remember where you have put your things   “Ok Glass” Look at an object to remember, and say “Remember Where I Put… [object's name]” To recall an object, say “Where did I put… [object's name] To see a list of all objects, say “Where did I put… everything” [...]

Excel on Google Glass

In this article we explore whether and how Microsoft Excel could be used with Google Glass. Google Glass will be one of Google’s next big success stories – that we are all sure of. The same is expected by a large number of observers, since intense discussions are going on about these kind of combinations [...]