Help this Google Glas related Kickstarter project get off the ground

Grip Clip could be a prototype adapter for Google Glass on prescription glasses by Atticus Anderson and Blake Crowe.
What do you think? It is not more clunky than google glass it self :-)

A soft plastic clip that slides onto your glasses and holds a pen or pencil google glass. Help us save your pencil face, time, and your peace of mind!

We have spoken with the creators of Grip Clip who are planing a special version for google glass.

Absolutely! I’d say the only reason we haven’t designed around google glass is because we don’t have a pair yet!

So if there is any Google Glass Explorer with Google Glass on his/her head in San Francisco who wants to help them with this project.
Contact them here :

What is a Grip Clip?

A Grip Clip is a piece of soft plastic that can slide onto your glasses and hold a pencil, pen, or other similarly sized object.

Whether your glasses are on your head, hanging on your shirt, or actually on your face, a Grip Clip turns your glasses into a useful tool.

Will it Grip?

After extensive testing in our secret laboratory, we have found that the Grip Clip can successfully hold many different sizes and shapes of objects. We set out to hold a pencil, but have been constantly surprised at what it will hold! It’s a tough little clip.

I always keep at least 3 pencils, a pen, a Sharpie and an Exacto on hand and at the ready.
I always keep at least 3 pencils, a pen, a Sharpie and an Exacto on hand and at the ready.

Some of the things we have successfully gripped are:

  • Pencils
  • Pens
  • Large Wacom® Stylus
  • Adonit Jot® Stylus
  • Sharpie®
  • Laser pointers
  • Pen Lights
  • Bic® Lighters
  • Other Grip Clips
  • even an iPhone (briefly)
  • and much more
  • and Google Glass soon ?

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