OK Glass Cheat Sheet


Voice activation text

Record video “ok, glass, record a video.”
Take picture “ok, glass, take a picture.”
Use Google Now “ok, glass, [question].”
Start Google+ hangout “ok, glass, hang out with [person/circle].”
Search “ok, glass, google [search query].”
Search photos “ok, glass, google photos of [search query].”
Translate “ok, glass, say [text] in [language].”
Give directions “ok, glass, give directions to [search query].”
Send message “ok, glass, send a message to [name].”
“ok, glass, send [name] that [message].”
“ok, glass, send [message] to [name].”
Display weather none/automatically (Google Now)
“ok, glass, how is the weather in [location]?”
“ok, glass, do I need an umbrella today?”
Give flight details none/automatically (Google Now)
“ok, glass, when does flight [flight number] depature from [airport]?”
set reminders OK Glass, Google, Remind me to _____ at (time) A.M./P.M.
OK Glass actions

OK Glass actions







OK Glass, where am I?
OK Glass, message [Person]
OK Glass, scan code.
OK Glass, Emergency
OK Glass, Whats this song?
OK Glass, Read New Emails
OK Glass, what was I doing 45 minutes ago?
OK Glass, rewind 45 minutes?
OK Glass, instant replay

OK Glass, shut up and take my money!
OK Glass, let’s do this!

#ifihadglass I would make better purchasing decisions. “Ok, Glass. Is this product any good?” I glance at the barcode, and product ratings and reviews pop up. “Ok, Glass, is it cheaper somewhere else?” This will make markets more efficient — even people not wearing Glass will benefit.

OK,Glass. Make a phone call to my girlfriend

Ok glass, Google doughnut shop near [location]

OK Glass, I like him/her!

OK Glass, obscure!

OK Glass, how to fix [anything]?
OK Glass, how to do [anything]?

OK (Glass), let me think – would be a keyword phrase I would use when someone asks me about something that I need to google to find out, on which after I’d say the keyword which will not make any conversation awkward or weird.

OK Glass, do you love me?
OK Glass, where is Sergey Brin?

OK Glass, show me Paris [address] – will select a person who is sharing his/her view in Paris right now.

OK Glass, who the heck is THAT?