MedRef Google Glass APP

medref google glass app

MedRef is the first app for Google Glass with face recognition.

MedRec adds timeline cards and sharing contacts to Google Glass heads up display. These can be interacted with to lookup patient records by saying their name or taking a picture of their face. Care givers can then append photo and transcribed voice notes easily to get the most accessible and complete data possible applied to the patient’s treatment.


Take a look at the MedRef app demo

Lance Nanek:

My team wrote an app at a medical hackathon called MedRef for Glass. The app lets you find and create patient folders by voice, add photo and voice notes, view previous notes, and also find patient folders by facial recognition! Very exciting.
Some people I talked to said hospitals are full of very busy people, often with their hands full, working with a lot of information – so Google Glass making it wearable is especially looked forward to there!


source: neatocode