Looking through Google Glass – at the sun (patent pendig)

lookiing throughglass

This screenshot shows how information is presented on the google glass screen looking through glass.

One can see that direct light makes it really hard to see the picture. (in the right corner)


This is the video where the screenshot was taken from

It is actually about a comming up google glass app for DJs

Google Glass Active Anti Glare

There is a great concept and pending patent how negative effects of direct light can be solved in future versions of augmented reality & informed reality glasses like google glass

More information on that at Active Anti-Glare concept for augmented reality glasses.

Google GLass Antiglare Exdample

This is what the anti-glare technique is supposed to achieve


an every day glare situation without protection


The same situation with conventional sun-glasses: both contrast and colour suffer from darker glasses


With active anti-glare glasses: good visibility, contrast and colour due to darkening in only very small areas

There is a (bright) future for google glass

video by : Lance Nanek
anti glare images by : Jürgen Röder
screenshot from video via: Google Glass Apps


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