Laser Tag Glass APP

Laser Tag Google Glass APP

Laser Tag in Glass…let’s make it happen
So here’s an idea I’ve got for an integrated Glass app: play Laser Tag, which I loved in the 90s. For participants, you could create a +Hangout Apps that would tweak the default UI for Hangouts from being the user herself and all other participants as thumbnailed video feeds to a true in-Glass heads-up display indicating the real time position of each member of that person’s team within the playing field and relative to obstacles.

You could then use a series of sensors attached to the guns and vests that would use short-range radio frequencies to capture when a user was “hit” by an opponent by capturing the signal in the sensor and then communicating over an+Arduino microcontroller via HTTP back to the Hangout app, which would then display some UI-level indicator (like the hit user’s screen flashing red).

The uber-cool thing as a developer would be the cross-platform integration; the benefit for usability is that being a Hangout On Air and publicly broadcast on YouTube, the session would become a spectator sport…which Laser Tag admittedly never was. Passive viewers could watch their friends’ or total strangers play the sport.

Or…just do things the easier way and play paintball and have all team members wear Glass.  :)

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