Ice Breaker Google Glass Game

Ice Breaker is a Google Glassware game that helps you meet interesting new people in your area.


How it works

1) Ice Breaker matches you with someone nearby
2) Your goal is to find that person
3) As you meet, you will have a great conversion :-)
4) ok Glass take a picture to remember that person?
5) save it to ice breaker via sharing
6) get social points
7) go on with your live (meet that person again?)

Leaderbord for the best Ice Breakers



Who are the creators of Ice Breaker for Google Glass?

Where the game came from
“In January 2013 at the San Francisco Glass Foundry event, we decided to build a game for Glass called Glassassins. Glassassins was a twist on the traditional college dorm game of Assassins, where you meet new people in your dorm by finding them and showing them a card or tagging them. We continued to develop the application, eventually transforming it into the friendly game you now know as Ice Breaker, which helps you meet other Glass Explorers in your area.”

Jon Gottfried – Developer Evangelist at Twilio
Song Zheng – Developer Evangelist at TokBox
Rajiv Makhijani – Software Engineer at Hulu
Bill Ma – Software Engineer at beRecruited - LinkedIn