Guides and tours Glass APP

Guides and tours Google Glass APP


#ifIhadglass I will make an app to guide blind people or people with low vision using the camera, screen and speaker, so that they will know what the traffic is like, how many people are around them, what people’s expression when they are talking with them.
#ifihadglass  I would write an app it to train me in various flavors of billiards game. In billiards it is crucial to decide how you position your cue where exactly to hit on the cue ball, and at what speed to hit. The app will draw guide-lines on the camera view to guide the player, perhaps also zoom in the cue-ball to show where exactly the player needs to hit. You may need to apply a spin, find the sweet spot, and also want to make a slipping analysis; the app will also assist in those advanced scenarios. In some pool games there are pockets, so the tool will also capture the location of pockets as well as balls, and draw guidelines around them.
#ifihadglass My app show the flight dynamic data, aircraft control guide, Terminal meteorological information for the pilot.
#ifihadglass I would create a guided navigation app for First Responders, combining indoor mapping with geo-tagged fire panels, fire hydrants, gas main and electrical panels to guide first responders to the location of critical fire and emergency equipment.
#ifihadglass Tulane School of Medicine student: pill/meds imaging app so providers can identify meds brought in by patient during examtelemedicine: physician remotely guides Glass-equipped nurse through exam for assisted-home living patients etc.test Glass navigation on new NOLA cycling lanes/paths water sports — “a healthy disregard for the impossible” :)
#ifihadglass  I would design an app for it so that when a person fainted or went into shock, if they had a medical bracelet or necklace, it would scan the little charm thing, then pull up what their medical problems are and a step by step guide on what to do to help them
#ifihadglass I would construct a mock-code medical educational app to guide students and residents through ALS & PALS algorithms!
#ifihadglass   I’d work on (and use) augmented reality apps to assist with displaying recipes while cooking, instruction manuals and repair guides for fixing/building things.
#ifihadglass I would sync my grocery list to an app that has a map of the supermarket and will guide me around the store to find my items in the shortest route possible. Perfect for those in a hurry or those who are unwillingly coerced into buying groceries for others!
#ifihadglass   I would create an app to help athletes perform better in events. Knowing your current position, time gap or distance to the finish, it’s “ok glass, let’s get in the top 5!” to receive guidance to achieve your goal. No more finishing with “I didn’t know I was that close…”
#ifihadglass I would develop an app with guides of mountain bike trails to get people away from their desks and enjoying the outdoors. Even pace notes through the heads up display would be possible so you know that sharp corner is coming up on a new trail!
#ifihadglass build an awesome tour app for the commercial real-estate world.
#ifihadglass  I could develop an app that could provide personal touring services where a Glass owner can give you a tour of popular locations via hangouts, or a prerecorded video. The Little Grand Canyon for example:
#ifihadglass we would build Tour. An app that lets you take guided tours: experience places in a new way – interface @
#ifihadglass  I would build an app that would let people record their own tours of whatever they want and can send it to friends and family (like when buying a new house, visiting a new town, visiting friends, etc)
#ifihadglass I’d build an app binding GoogleMaps/Earth kml tours to Google Glass views for interactive storytelling, making use of proximity and gyroscopic sensors to determine where someone is looking and using this to feed the corresponding data update for walking tours, viewing reviews to real-time entertainment.
#ifihadglass, I’d create an app for educational, guided touring. It would navigate people to destinations depending on their mode of transportation and provide a/v tours with virtual guides.  Examples could be a virtual Socrates speaking to the glass wearer from the appropriate historic site or audio/video accompaniment in museums.
#ifIhadglass  I would develop an app that could provide touring services.  A Glass owner can give you a personal tour of popular locations via hangouts, or a prerecorded video.  The Little Grand Canyon for example +Project Glass
#ifihadglass Id build a promotional video diary of our next photography project. Lion Tree Virtual Tours are producing interactive 360 panoramas of top UK tourist spots for the Daily Mail App including Stone Henge, Thorpe Park, The Eden Project, Windsor Castle and The White Cliffs of Dover.
#IfIHadGlass I would create ‘Lifelogue’ apps for glass to help everyone experience daily life as a special live guided tour of all the diverse cultures and neighborhoods in the US and ultimately the world. With google translate language is no barrier. Walk in each others shoes for a better world.
#ifihadglass I would work on a campus tour application that would show highlights of our college campus based on your location.
#ifihadglass  I would use create an application that allowed visitors to tour our Signature Engineering building using the glasses without having a tour guide.
#ifihadglass   I’d use ‘em on tour for our Public Art/Chicago project GoogleGlass would be the perfect accessory on a public art walking tour (which is already an augmented reality app).
#ifihadglass My company Section 101 ( works with Music Artists on interactive programs with their fans.  Artists include Duran Duran, Bush, Pentatonix and Aimee Mann.  We would like to develop Apps for the Artists to use while on Stage and Tour to interact with their fans.
#Ifihadglass @projectglass I would create an app to give guided tours for people that visits JPL and would like to learn more of Curiosity!@MarsCuriosity @NASAJPL
#ifihadglass I would provide instant visual data overlays relevant to streets and neighborhoods. There are many diverse applications for this data.  One application is real estate sales.  Information could include properties for sale, recent sales, school and crime statistics,  nearby attractions, crime statistics and  even virtual tours of available homes.
#ifihadglass If I had Google Glass I would tour California on my motorcycle. Using GPS, ask Google and the camera to find, share and learn about the many sites. Also stopping at fire stations to explore  the possibilities for application in public safety.
#ifIhadglass I would develop an app that could provide personal touring services where a Glass owner can give you a tour of popular locations via hangouts, or a prerecorded video. The Little Grand Canyon for example.
#ifihadglass Of course I would like to explore it first. Then I want to develop few applications:- Bookmarks: application where you can “bookmark” for yourself various type of visual information (f.e. take picture and select required text/object by your finger and Glasses will recognize selected area) and then tag it for future access.- Different types of guides: constructing guides (f.e. when you bought furniture and need to construct it from the parts), cooking guides, tour guides, etc.
#ifihadglass  ”Ok Glass, show me Paris.” Glass will give you walking directions, point out monuments, and show you places to visit. Walking tours are huge business – I will turn Glass into an indispensable, customizable tool for the millions of travelers who will go on a walking tour this year!
#ifihadglass I just had this idea: I’d love to to see a “tour through history” application with Glass. It would be fun to walk around a city and see how it has changed through building overlays, map annotations, historical pictures, etc. Sounds like a summer project! +Project Glass
#ifihadglass I would create virtual home tours for Zillow’s Android app (  It might even be possible to create a Photo Sphere panorama of the inside of a home using Glass!
#ifIhadglass I would create an app to let Glass act as a tour guide.
#ifihadglass I would develop airport integration apps. Virtual flight info displays via local server queries and highlighting flights via Google now. Virtual tours ala GPS style via integration with Google maps and internal esri maps.
#IfIHadGlass  , I would be finally be able to navigate through Houston’s busy streets on bike using unobtrusive turn-by-turn navigation, and be able to go on walking tours throughout the city using a combination of Glass and the Field Trip app.
#ifihadglass  I would create an app to provide live personal touring services and video reviews of local places.  Imagine visiting somewhere live from my perspective, I’ll take you there +Project Glass
#ifihadglass I would use it with a vacation app as tour guide, travel agent, all in one with different languages, recommendations Google+ interconnected!
#ifihadglass it would take my international trips to another level.  Instead of old school audio tours, Google Glass would provide an automatic augmented reality layer throughout all my travels.  It would translate, inform and serve as a real time tour guide wherever I am, especially in museums and historical places.
I would create a vacation spot tour app that uses Google glass to give guided tours. #ifihadglass
#ifihadglass  I would be able to live stream to the world the beauty of my family’s Maine apple orchard and farm. I would show walking tours of apple trees in bloom, and show the public where to go to pick their favorite apples in the orchard.