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Google Glass @ LeWeb London 2013

How to reply to and retweet a tweet

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How to post a picture to google plus, facebook, twitter, path or your contacts

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.gif automatically generated from pictures taken in a row by Robert Scoble

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Robert Scoble walks always through passport controlls with google glass on

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You can see the light is on when I’m recording you … you will absolutely know if I am taking a picture with google glass


How to use Google Glass in a public bathroom

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Two questions from the audience: Does this make you more or less human and how does this change your reproduction

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This is the most controversial product of my life


Loic Le Meur: After a few days you actually miss the screen when you take google glass off for a while

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What will it do to producers of smart watches when google glass is successful

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asked by an older woman wearing the pebble watch


Google Glass will shift Googles business model from advertising to a commerce model

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Google Glass Games

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Robert Scoble “Price and utility of Google Glass beats the fashion cost”

      Excerpt from the video talk (what Scoble says) What I like about those things They take your smartphone screen and put it in front of you, where it’s always on top of where I’m looking and always there. Google Glass changes your relationship with the internet And that totally changes your relationship [...]