Google Glass Native App

Glassauth Google Glass APP – 2step authentication for Google Accounts

  Glassauth is a Google Authenticator for Google Glass that you can use via barcode scanning Grab the ZXing barcode scanner for Android from Install it on your Google Glass device. This would be an ideal patch for someone to submit, since there’s no technical reason for not just using the library inside of the app [...]

Launchy Google Glass APP

Launchy Google Glass APP

  There are two kinds of Apps one can use on Google Glass the officially supported Glassware that is a subscription service that runs via the Mirror API and can exchanges information between a server app and your google glass the native Android Apps for Google Glass that can be “side loaded” in google glass [...]

Winky Google Glass APP

As we reported earlier Google Glass can be controlled by winking with your right eye. Still many people were in doubt if this is a true google glass feature or “some code, just in case” and something that might be available with later hardware versions of google glass. Mike DiGiovanni has proven them wrong. He [...]

Bulletproof Google Glass APP

Bulletproof is maybe the first native Google Glass APP – a lock screen for Google Glass. It helps to protect your private data in daily situation where coworkers, children and/or other people around you want to take a quick look at your glass screen. Similar to mobile phones one can still take pictures when the [...]