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Google Drive Photo Glass APP

Save photos to a special folder in Google Drive. 1) Go to: from your Google Account associated to Glass and authorize. 2) Go to: and find “Google Drive Image Upload”, turn sharing on. 3) Take a picture on Glass and then Share it, “Google Drive Image Upload” should be an option. 4) Check for a “Glass Photos” [...]

Glass Feed Google Glass APP

Glass Feed allows you to post directly from your Glass to an RSS feed. Using the awesome IFTTT service, you can forward these posts directly to other services such as Facebook, Flipboard, Instagram, Twitter, Evernote, Flickr, etc. source: by Arthur van Hoff

GlassTweet Google Glass APP

Glass Explorers can now post pictures from Glass directly to twitter bypassing google+ This is not the official twitter up but a quick hack by @jonmarkgo a Developer Evangelist @twilio APP space What it might look like via GlassTweet #throughglass… — drew olanoff (@drew) April 27, 2013   #throughglass… — Robert Scoble [...]

Augmedix Google Glass APP

Augmedix Google Glass APP

Augmedix TeaserHi Glass Explorers,
I am Ethan Bresnick and I created the Glass 3D printed mockup (Glass. | Mockup & Documentary) and have had the opportunity to try on Glass in the past (Read more @ There is an inspiring idea coming from a startup called Augmedix. Augmedix is an app/service that is aimed at medical doctors. It will run on Google Glass and the Vuzix M100. Stay tuned to there site ( and +Ian Shakil for more information on this project. I thought that with other Google Apps and Augmedix, the way we visit the doctors office can be revolutionized. Just an idea that I thought would be interesting to share.
AugmedixAugmedix Bringing Augmented Reality to Doctors Everywhere Powered by Google Glass and Vusix M100