Will Active Anti-Glare Glasses Help Google Glasses to a Breakthrough?

Active Anti-Glare Glasses are dynamic sunglasses shading the eye exactly in the areas needed. Additionally they continuously adjust the intensity of the darkening to the changing light conditions and the wearer’s permanently changing needs. Such a functionality can be considered as an application for Augmented Reality Glasses, as they actively influence the image in the whole field of view. What they are doing is enhancing the perceived picture by a clearer view.
In the initial phase of google glasses with only a small single eye display, the synergy is small. In the next step bi-ocular, see-through devices will be coming up (Google Glass 2.0). With such higher developed augmented reality glasses Anti-Glare functionality can share not only the scene camera, but also eye-tracking, part of the glass control, and on-board infrastructure. With this synergy they can promote each other.
Building Active Anti-Glare Glasses is much easier than building augmented reality glasses. This is because the human factors like interaction and detraction are much easier to cope with. With this it will be relatively easy to guarantee a mature functionality for the customer. Then Google Glasses can have a wide market breakthrough no only in the current smartphone market but also in the market for prescription glasses.
google glass antiglare
Left: an every day glare situation without protection
Middle: The same situation with conventional sun-glasses: both contrast and colour suffer from darker glasses
Right: With active anti-glare glasses: good visibility, contrast and colour due to darkening in only very small areas
google glass antiglare showcase