Google Glass Privacy Cover [3d print model]

This 3d print model is made to cover the camera and display in a glass device.

google glass privacy cover
Ryan Weaving, a control systems engineer has published a 3d model of this google glass cover on Thingverse that simply covers the camera of google glass but keeps the display visible to the wearer.
Could this cover be enough to be able to keep google glass on – even at bars and businesses that want to ban google glass?


You can still see the display through the back.

google glass privacy cover
A most welcome side effect is that one can use google glass in the brightest sunshine. You could be staring at the sun and still see a clear picture.
Variants of this model should only cover the camera but keep the prism if the wearer doesn’t want his site to be blocked by a black brick.

The problem with this privacy cover

is that google glass still can record audio tracks and any clues that might be given by menu pictures on the prism can not be seen by anyone but the wearer


source and 3d model at: thingverse