Google Glass Emulator

Scarygami mirror-apiTrying to reproduce the mirror-api behaviour using Google Cloud Endpoints to enable non-glass-explorers to get an idea of what will be possible.
This is an attempt to recreate the behaviour of the Mirror API (based on public information available) to allow developers like me who aren’t part of the Glass Explorer program, to test potential applications that could be feasible using Google Glass.
And even if the real Mirror API turns out to be completely different from what I envision it to be you can use this as a learning place for different Google technologies:
  • Google Cloud Endpoints, with JavaScript and Python clients
  • Google+ Sign-in, client-side flow (Glass emulator)
  • Google+ Sign-in, server-side flow (Web app)
  • Google App Engine for Web applications in general
  • And how they all can work together

Google Glass Simulator for Google Glass apps

Incoming google glass search terms:

  • test google glass apps