Google Glass Development Kit

build now that you have access to the GDK

- RESTful web based API
- 83% of glass users have at least one third party app installed
- most apps use the mirror api for notifications, time line cards and sharing from glass

we have build the GDK, so you can do more with glass

- offline: you can build code that runs on glass whether the user is online or not
- get real time immediate user response without contacting your servers
- deeper access to hardware: Accelerometer, GPS

Building bloks of glassware 6:10

types (what kind of glassware)
- Mirror API
- GDK + Mirror API

invoication (how you start the glassware)
- Saying Ok Glass
- menue item on a timeline card
- from a time line card

elements (the primary UI components)

- live card that can be updated in milliseconds (like a stop watch)
- static card is like a moment in time
- immersion is a focused user experience on only one task
- services; like background services running in the cloud or on glass

“We have built the GDK with standard Android APIs compiled plus an add on that is specific for glass”

Now I want to give you some really solid use cases and examples of great Glassware. 14:32

1) periodic notofications
2) sharing
3) ongoing task
- 16:01 Strava: a great service built for athletes.
- 20:11 GolfSight
4) immersion

ok, Glass, let’s play a game 23:56

- Spellista is using the gyroscope
- 26:34 an other use of immersion is Word Lens
- 27:40 allthecooks is a social cooking app

We are excited about what YOU are going to do next!

get the GDK now

some google glass apps