Google Glass – a new kind of life

And there it is. The first sci-fi book about a society based on google glass.

The Jor-El Legacy: A Little Google Glass Story

Based on Google Glass Project, The Jor-El Legacy is a Book Written by Rogerio A Araujo and the story is a Sci Fi that talks about a person living in this near futuristic world, full of new technologies and a new order, the story may pass anywhere in the world, and the characters you may build the faces, since it can be you. Differently than the dystopia and apocalyptic books and stories, this book proposes a new kind of life, based on people having a productive and better life based on leasure better than working. In this modern world, the people will make use of something that regards today the Google Glass Project where they can view everything over a viewer, there’s a Scéance Project, where you can talk to deceive people or either with Jesus, and a Game that will help everyone to become more organized and have a better life. The book contains Links that suggests the interactivity, you may participate and listen to music and get the referrals of the subjects proposed in the book. Let’s interact. please let me know about the story.


source: Amazon screenshot by Iwan Uswak via @infyouse

The Jor-El Legacy: A Little Google Glass Story