Google Glass APPs Ideas

Only a few months until the release of the new Google Gadget. It’s time to submit your Glass APP ideas.

The invention is not new. Even in films like Robocop, Terminator and Star Trek vision of the future we were presented with glasses with which you can see more than the human eye can naturally. With Google Glass, the search giant is entering on the way to implement this vision, step by step. With the preinstalled Glass APP they can already use some basic functions such as hands-free photo, video and audio recordings. The Glass APP also offers Internet search and navigation with the Glass APP “Maps”. Moreover, there are no APPs for Glass, as we are accustomed to on our mobile phones.

Submit your idea for a Glass APP and we implement them for you. What do you get? For you and 10 of your friends, the app will be free of charge.

Which Glass APPs are possible? Example:

1) A Glass APP that recognizes colors for color-blind people – the colors before their eyes.
2) An APP that will automatically scan all seen Din A4 sheets and saves (good for the digital archiving of documents)