GlassSim – Pretotype your Google Glass APP


Pretotyping is pretending that you have a prototype

Pretotyping is an approach to developing and launching innovation that helps you to determine if you are building the right it before you invest a lot of time and effort to build it right. Pretotyping helps you to fail … but fast enough and cheaply enough that you have time and resources to try something different.

A pretotype is a partially mocked-up of the intended product or service that can be built in minutes, hours or days instead of weeks, months or years. The art and science of pretotyping is aimed to help innovators:
Decide what features can – and should – be mocked-up (or dramatically simplified).
Use mock-ups to test and collect feedback and usage data systematically.
Analyze usage data to determine their next step.



What is Glass Sim?

It’s a simple tool for conceptualizing prototyping Google Glass applications. In just a few minutes, you can build a visualization of what a Google Glass wearer would see using your app.

How Does It Work?

Choose a card template – “cards” are analogous to screens or pages in other interfaces. You can modify this later.
Upload a “Field of View” image. This should represent what the Glass wearer sees in the real world.
Modify your card using HTML and inline CSS.
Share with friends using the share link or capturing a screenshot on your own.


There is a concept gallery for timeline cards on google+
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