Feedly RSS subscribe badge (for webmasters)

Feedly RSS reader for webmasters – 2 click subscription for your audience (how to)
Google reader is dead (soon at least)
What alternatives do we have? There were many polls on tech blogs and one service clearly won: feedly

best rss reader poll

best rss reader poll via http://lifehacker.com/5991272/most-popular-google-reader-alternative-feedly

So how can webmasters give the feedly users a simple way to connect and follow their feed updates?

I search and didn’t find a tutorial or best practice solution.

Then I tried feedly myself and found it to be a very good rss reader and I also found
this url :

So here is the solution:
place this code onto your site (or wordpress text widget)

<a target=”_blanc” href=”http://www.feedly.com/home#subscription/feed/http://glass-apps.org/feed”>subscribe via feedly<br/<img alt=”google glass news” height=”256px” src=”http://glass-apps.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/feedly-logo1.png” title=”subscribe via feedly” width=”256px” /></a>

and get this result

subscribe via feedly
google glass news
This way you can make sure that people can follow your blog via feedly even if they don’t have preinstalled browser plugins and you can place a visible call to action button anywhere on your website.

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