Excel on Google Glass

In this article we explore whether and how Microsoft Excel could be used with Google Glass.

Google Glass will be one of Google’s next big success stories – that we are all sure of. The same is expected by a large number of observers, since intense discussions are going on about these kind of combinations of camera and data access glasses, a key issue being data protection.

Once Google Glass is on the market, we will experience the next thrust of innovation. That is, more and more apps for google glass will be developed to extend the gadget’s functionalities.
It is not yet clear what role Google Glass will play in productive scenarios. Whether Google Glass will ever play a role in the Microsoft Office environment remains to be seen. However, we can start to think about how Google Glass could be used with Excel. We had the following ideas:

  • Shopping lists could be scanned using the data glasses and imported directly into an Excel document; an online example is available on Skydrive. Then the receipt could be further processed in Excel.
  • An app could be developed to count people at events, demonstrations and other mass gatherings and use the numbers for storage and further processing in an Excel document.
  • Google Glass could be used to scan barcodes or QR codes and to import the relevant data directly into an Excel document for further use e.g. in warehouse inventories.
  • Or just simply view and edit certain fields in an excel sheet in the cloud

You are welcome to express your other thoughts concerning the interaction between Google Glass and Excel or another Office program in a comment. We look forward to your ideas.
It remains to be seen in which areas of application Google Glass will take the lead. At any rate, we are excited to see what influence the data glasses will have on society in future. I am sure that these excel programmer guys from Excel-Inside Solutions should be able to make a good google glass app for excel. What remains is google glass to be available all over the world – not just in the USA.