Evernote Glass APP

Evernote Google Glass APP

Evernote CEO Phil Libin is one of the first people to use and test Google Glass. He is planing to build a Google Glass APP for Evernote that make it easy to capture and store things you see and want to remember using Google Glass Mirror API. That will be the basics of Evernotes Glass APP.


Evernote CEO Phil Libin

‘We Want To Be The Nike Of The Well-Put Together Life’If there’s one thing that hasn’t got much simpler at work in the last 15 years, it’s remembering things. Or, at least, remembering to remember them. While the amount of digital information we generate has increased exponentially with the birth of email, cloud document editing and the hideous resilience of the Powerpoint presentation, our ability to share what’s useful – and record the stuff that really matters – hasn’t improved much at all.

Evernote has been pretty good at adapting to new hardware. What innovations would you like to see coming on to the market?

That’s the best part of the job is being able to plan this stuff out and start doing some prototyping work. I’m actually very optimistic about the Google Glasses – and those by other companies who will make them. That product and idea, that within a couple of years we’ll all have access to information super-imposed on top of our normal world, is really powerful.