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#IfIHadGlass I would be able to create educational apps using #AugmentedReality so that children can learn about their surroundings in a totally cool and interactive way that allows them to view content. They would also be able to record and share details of field trips, they could upload to YouTube or post to Google+

#IfIHadGlass I would be able to create educational apps using #AugmentedReality so that children can …


#ifihadglass  I would build useful education apps for it.
#ifihadglass, I’d create an app for educational, guided touring. It would navigate people to destinations depending on their mode of transportation and provide a/v tours with virtual guides.  Examples could be a virtual Socrates speaking to the glass wearer from the appropriate historic site or audio/video accompaniment in museums.
#ifihadglass   …. No I think we should all have glass. So we can show the world what we are going through. To help right injustices, to record events that unfold faster than it takes to take out your phone and find the record app. To record special moments that are too fleeting or where something that has to be held in your hand is too obtrusive. To show people via instruction how to do something would revolutionize education.It shouldn’t be #ifihadglass  it should be #ifwehadglass
#ifihadglass I would construct a mock-code medical educational app to guide students and residents through ALS & PALS algorithms!
#IfIHadGlass  I will…Explore the amazing world around me.Make exhilarating adventure film.Record/photograph lectures for my education.Transcribe my tech presentations for the hearing-impaired.Capture special moments of life.Lead the tech revolution.Show the world the future is (google)NOW by sharing every second on Google+Application One+Project Glass  #projectglass   #glass   #googleglass  #IfIHadGlass Application – Brandon King
#IfIHadGlass I would be able to create educational apps using #AugmentedReality so that children can learn about their surroundings in a totally cool and interactive way that allows them to view content. They would also be able to record and share details of field trips, they could upload to YouTube or post to Google+
#ifihadglass  I would use it as a tool to educate the poor orphaned kids in my country. I would do this by building a google TV app that is primarily focused on giving free education to kids who are unable to go to school due to poverty. I will also use it as a mean to show them different countries and culture. They’ve lost their parents because of civil war and do not get the attention they need to learn and I feel this would help them a great deal.
#ifihadglass I would develop an app to host classes. This could stretch anywhere from hobbies (cooking, home brewing, etc) to vocational (programming, mechanics) to formal classrooms. This would explode education to the masses and dawn a new era of knowledge transfer.
#ifihadglass I would use this incredible tool to create an augmented reality app in the fields of architecture and design: being able to move in a space before it’s built or very far away… or visualize an object not yet produced or that does not exsit anymore: applications are infinite, with both business and educational purposes
#ifihadglass  As a technology professional, application developer and k12 instructional technology innovator, I would design and implement innovative curriculum for glass such as interactive science labs, enhanced story books, illustrated geography and history lessons, synchronized distance education classrooms, math application labs, and anything else that could revolutionize education and motivate students.
#ifihadglass, I would love to develop Google Glass apps to aide children with special needs I work with in our school district. I feel that the glass project is going to open up exciting opportunities in providing these children with a tool for learning the life skills they need and unfortunately miss in traditional education devices.
#ifihadglass, i would film and photograph tutorials in entrepreneurship, design and education. Simplifying information and processes, and making them actionable in order to inspire learning and accomplishment. Using the Glass to explore techniques and apps to improve education and the creative process.
#ifihadglass I’d crowdsource online education. Thousands of class lectures are given every day and none of them are captured. I’d build an app for students so that they can use their Google glasses to capture and share class lectures and build the largest open knowledge-base on the web.
#ifihadglass  I would take my Augmented Reality application and STEM education software development to a whole new level.
#ifihadglass I’m an intermediate classroom special education teacher. My students love technology and engage in lessons that are immersed with some form of modern tech. Honestly, Google glass would be perfect. Tablets are great, but they really have a “toy” like feel when students use them, whereas Glass would allow me to show them how connectivity allows for more than tweet updates and apps.In terms…Expand this post »
#ifihadglass  As a math teacher, I see an educational revolution using Glass. Lectures, tutoring sessions, exam corrections…all personalized and shared to individual students through the eyes of Glass. “Math in the real world” will become “math in the live world”, with instant application and intellectual gratification. A class with Glass…
#ifihadglass I would use it to simplify and enhance the experience of online education by using the combination of Glass, Google plus hangouts, and maybe a custom note taking application
#ifihadglass Hi Google! I’m a college applicant this year, so I thought I’d try my luck with you too: I can’t promise greatness, but I can say I would use google glass to augment my education in ways I cant even envision yet. Here’s to the application gamble!
#ifihadglass , I would catapult into catacombs, catch catharsis in a cathedral, catalogue caterpillars in Muscat, my life would be a vacation.I would advocate for education, communicate with sophistication, scatter copycats in an altercation, my catwalk is my location.But there’s just one complication, please accept this application.
#ifihadglassWorking with  New York University Surgeons and java coders, we would plan to make the operating room experience including:1.  Record operations from the surgeon’s perspective for teaching and educational purposes2.  Allow assistants to see a live feed from the surgeon’s perspective to better assist3.  HUD that would allow surgeon to see vitals, CT scans, and additional information that would assist in a faster, better outcome surgery
Education tutorial apps where you work out your math problems while you have a tutor in the top right corner. #ifihadglass
#ifihadglass  I would show the world how glass would make an affect on education and everyday life of a high schooler, I am not 18 but I am hoping google still will consider my application because I can get a view for millions of americans like me. 4194947069
I would test social and educational apps on google glass that I’m developing. Combining this revolutionary technology with practical apps would allow people to interact in creative, radical ways. It’s my dream to bring people and technology together in excitingly new ways. Google glass brings me a step closer. #ifihadglass
#ifihadglass I would guide #NCSSM students in developing applications and uses for it, especially in education, as we did with the Android ADK & Nexus 7 and Q. See pics from our recent trip to the #googleplex to present these projects.
Documentation is one of those thing as a developer I’ve come to rely on. #ifihadglass I’d take it a step further and build apps that utilize glass to document processes for better education and information. Those apps could then use glass to replay instructions during training exercises.
Hey Google, I’m a technoarchaeologist working to preserve and protect the world’s cultural and natural heritage through education and global engagement. #ifihadglass   I could connect students and educators to amazing sites using both first-person virtual experience–for those unable to  physically visit—and augmented reality-enhanced experiences for those who could. VIDEO (New heights with GoogleGlass:AR from mountain top at Chalcatzingo)    #ifihadglass   #archaeology   #culturalheritage   #digitaltourism     #augmentedreality   #3Dlaserscanning
At the Broad Institute, we’re advancing the understanding of human disease. #ifihadglass I’d use it to streamline my team’s research in drug discovery. We handle >500,000 chemicals and Glass apps could help manage them. We also do educational tours and would love to do some virtually.
I am a s/w engineer always interested in Google’s ideas. I would develop educational apps targeting youngsters. For instance, a 12 yr picking up a RaspberryPi should be able to start learning everything that is there to it just by looking at it.#ifihadglass
#ifihadglass I would create an application that would allow a user (school, institution, etc..) to upload pictures of landmarks, locations, artwork, really anything stationary. Then the glass wearer would then go looking for these items. When found they would get points and see information on the item. Think of it as educational treasure hunting.