Bulletproof Google Glass APP

Bulletproof is maybe the first native Google Glass APP – a lock screen for Google Glass. It helps to protect your private data in daily situation where coworkers, children and/or other people around you want to take a quick look at your glass screen. Similar to mobile phones one can still take pictures when the screen is locked.

Description by the author

Don’t worry about a co-worker grabbing Glass off your desk and being able to read your personal notifications.
It might even save your personal data if someone yanks it off your head.
Use combinations of swipes and taps on the side touchpad to unlock your device.
The app knows when Google Glass when is off your head and locks the device only at that point.

Bulletproof makes use of 4 possible actions on Google Glass

bulletproof google glass app code
FLING_LEFT is a quick swipe gesture from the BACK of your head towards the FRONT on the touchpad
FLING_RIGHT is a quick swipe gesture from the FRONT of your head towards the BACK on the touchpad
LONG_PRESS and SINGLE_TAP should be self explanatory
When you do the secret combination of taps and swipes, your Google Glass will unlock.


Bulletproof lockscreen



Bulletproof action forward



Bulletproof action tap



Bulletproof unlocked



a short video how it looks like take via ADB (wrong orientation)


The Bulletproof APP comes with a warning

WARNING this could lock you out of your device if you forget or can’t reproduce your code correctly, so use with caution.
Single taps and long presses are the easiest to reliable hit without any training.

by: Mike DiGiovanni
The Bulletproof Google Glass APP is open source under the Apache 2.0 license. You can find the git on
github: https://github.com/kaze0/bulletproof